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How a SIPP Works

A SIPP is a Personal Pension Scheme, established by a pension provider authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The pension trust is registered with HMRC, which means it is afforded generous tax reliefs and the assets are held in a sheltered environment.

A SIPP is a single product designed to accommodate many individual members.  Benefits are provided for members on a money purchase basis and each member has an individual fund under the SIPP.

A separate SIPP bank account is established for each individual member and this acts as the hub for all funds to pass through, including contributions, transfer values and investment returns.

Investments are held directly by the SIPP Trustee under the powers of the trust for the benefit of the individual member.

At Davies & Co, we act as sole Trustee for our SIPP so that we can safeguard the benefits held within and take care of the fund on behalf of the members.  Members can rely on and learn from our specialist expertise.

Davies & Co take on responsibilities as HMRC Scheme Administrator, cementing our commitment to members and the compliant operation of the SIPP.


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