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Investing Funds

A SSAS is the most flexible vehicle for members to invest their pension savings, allowing a wide range of investment options.

To help you achieve your goals, Davies & Co has relationships with market leading investment managers, but we remain independent so members have access to the whole market.

By giving members access to a range of structured products and regulated funds, it allows them to take advantage of the greater control that a SSAS offers.

Unlike a standard pension, a SSAS can invest directly in UK commercial property and this can have many advantages.

Similarly, a SSAS is unique in its ability to make a loan to Employers participating in the SSAS (subject to meeting certain criteria).  Again, this can have many advantages but the rules are complex and we will guide members through in conjunction with their professional advisers.

It is important that members understand and take advice where necessary on the risk profile and liquidity of different types of investments. It is usually prudent to hold a balanced and diverse portfolio of investments.

In exercising their powers of investment, the Trustees must have regard to the need for diversification of investments in so far as appropriate to the circumstances of the scheme.

At Davies & Co, we do not provide investment advice, but we will guide members through the process and furnish them with all of the options and opportunities that are at their disposal, explaining associated pension investment rules where necessary.

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