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Why Choose a SIPP

SIPPs are designed for individuals who are looking to take control of their retirement in a flexible and tax efficient environment.

The features of a SIPP can complement the needs of members who wish to consolidate their pension savings and those starting their quest to accumulate pension wealth.

The service and freedom you can expect with a SIPP is both refreshing and satisfying, as it should be with a high-end product.

A SIPP allows professional advisers to provide a clear strategy on retirement provision and structure pension investments to maximise returns in a flexible, tax efficient way.

A SIPP has the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of assets and returns are normally free from income and capital gains taxes.

A tax free lump sum is payable from age 55 and a pension can be paid from the SIPP funds at a rate that suits the member.  There is no need to purchase an annuity or to stop working before accessing benefits.

Death benefits are paid at the discretion of the SIPP Operator, which means they do not usually form part of the member's Estate and, as such, are normally free from Inheritance Tax.

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